Laboratorios Drogavet obtains ISO 9001 certification

March 25, 2021

March 10, 2021

Laboratorios Drogavet obtains ISO 9001 certification


Laboratorios Drogavet successfully completed its external audit process in December 2020 and obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Comprehensive Quality Management System. This certification provides evidence of the continuous improvement of all the standardized processes of our organization.

This International Standard promotes the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system, in turn enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.

The scope of the Quality Management System includes: The strategic, key, support and improvement processes, such as: Research and Development, quality assurance, purchasing, imports, sales, planning, manufacturing, quality control, distribution and post-sale, both nationally and internationally, of products for agricultural use in the following presentations:

1.   Solids: non-beta-lactam, beta-lactam and disinfectant powders.

2.   Liquids: non-beta-lactam, beta-lactam and disinfectant oral solutions.

3.   Injectable sterile liquids: non-beta-lactam, beta-lactam and hormonal.


As part of the Quality Policy, this certification demonstrates Laboratorios Drogavet's commitment to offer its customers and stakeholders quality products for livestock use, obtained with continuous control and improvement of its processes, timely delivery, permanent technical assistance, and complying with current applicable legal and regulatory standards.

This Integrated Quality Management System will drive Laboratorios Drogavet's strive for excellence in its processes - products and the optimization of its customer service, based on quality, productivity and competitiveness. It will also consolidate a culture of continuous improvement in the company, to boost expansion while strictly following all production procedures. The application of the ISO 9001 standard was a strategic decision of the organization, and the design and implementation of its strategic plan was influenced by the needs and objectives, the products supplied, and the processes used.

\"One of the strongest pillars during the certification process was the leadership of senior management, the active participation of our workers as agents of change, and the constant search for the continuous improvement of our processes with our clients, our workers and our environment\", said Christian Jo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Laboratorios Drogavet.